40 years experience 100 countries
40 years experience 100 countries

Alfasan Naturally is part of 
Alfasan Group of Companies, a renowned GMP veterinary medicine manufacturer from the Netherlands. 

In the past 40 years, the family company/business Alfasan has developed and produced a wide variety of veterinary medicines that are currently registered and exported to more than 120 countries worldwide. All of our products are developed and produced in our modern facility in Woerden (The Netherlands) in compliance with EU GMP.

Develop natural solutions

In response to the misuse of antibiotics and its worrisome consequences, Alfasan decided to develop natural solutions for medical problems, back in 2014. Alfasan started developing a unique range of animal care products based on natural ingredients. Ingredients that have been used successfully in pre-antibiotic times, sometimes for more than a thousand years but have been forgotten by modern medicine as the antibiotic popularity increased. We at Alfasan are bringing back a piece of medicinal history with a modern twist, Alfasan Naturally.